Monday, March 24, 2008

Crazy about my sharp dressed Groom

So I posted last week with my side of the wedding day, now it's Mr. Bowie's turn!

The night before the wedding, we parted ways to honor the tradition to not see each other until at the altar. We both wanted to do this but I was (honestly) skeptical that it could actually happen like that. It just seemed like there were way too many things going on and for our paths NOT to cross? For as much planning as we could do to prevent that, I just felt like it was bound to happen. Luckily, it didn't!

While I was off getting my hair, makeup, and nails done, Mr. Bowie was getting into his tux with tails as soon as possible. He was so excited to wear his tux that (I found out later) he changed into it first thing in the morning when he woke up *awwwww!* He even wore it to run some errands and pick up some last minute things before finally arriving at the church on time! Perhaps it's odd that I note this but I felt like it was a big deal because being on time on your wedding day is something that I've seen to be a major accomplishment.

Upon his arrival, he was met by cameras and most of his groomsmen. They all hung around outside for a while so that the sanctuary could receive the last of it's finishing touches *Thanks Mrs. Nearlywed!!!* and I could be shuttled off to the unofficial bridal suite (aka the church's old nursery). Mr. Bowie was fine to stand outside though as it was a BEAUTIFUL Spring-ish day AND he got his traditional groom's gift to open!

We had originally agreed to not exchange wedding day gifts because our budget had definitely been stretched beyond what we felt comfortable with but when I was running around in the weeks leading up to The Big Day, I found something very symbolic that was perfect (and not expensive!) that I wanted to give to him so that he would always remember what he means to me and why I married him.

Can you see what the gift was? It's a knight in shining armor on a horse!!! He loved it and still talks about how it was just about one of his most perfect and memorable gifts ever so much that he did shed a few tears when he read the card I wrote to him.

After I was safely hidden away and my part of the bridal party started showing up, Mr. Bowie and his crew made their way into the church and hung out in our pastor's office and then the church multi-purpose room for a while. Looks like they had a pretty good time killing time!

At our church, playing chess before weddings is a pretty traditional thing as the pastor (who is a good friend of ours) told us later that the only time the chess board is ever pulled out is when the groom and his men are waiting for the wedding to start! Unfortunately, Mr. Bowie lost the one and only game they had time to play. Oh well.

It wasn't long until it was time to finish up getting ready enough to talk that big walk to the altar to meet up with me finally! Mr. Bowie's "details" were captured beautifully by the husband part of the photography team that captured our day...

Our colors were light pink and dark pink and he was the only one with a dark pink boutenniere to distinguish him from all of the other guys. His cufflinks were sixpence pieces that we found on Etsy.com for a little under $20 and I was happy to share the "something old, something new..." tradition with him so that he took care of the sixpence instead. What's mine is his and what's his is mine - that's how we work it! *wink*

His final moments of being a singleton were spent in quiet meditation and prayer after my dad gave him a "pep talk" about becoming THE man in my life.

This is one of the last pictures of Mr. Bowie before I saw him at the altar and it is my absolute favorite of him. Nathaniel did a beautiful job with the composition and really helping to capture the moment that was.

Images: Balance Photography
Location: Trinity Lutheran Church
Groom's tuxedo: MW Tuxedos, formerly called Afterhours Formalwear
Flowers: Proflowers Weddings


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