Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wedding Bands..

Sorry for being absent last week, I was out of town, and am leaving again this weekend, times are crazy :) But I do have a lot to post about!!! As you can see from the subject, FI and I got our wedding bands!!! We also have gone to two cake testings, and I believe found our Honeymoon destination, but I will write about all of that on later posts, right now its ring time!

We bought our rings from Washington Diamond . Right away I knew I loved them, they had a great feeling about them. Very Knowledgeable, listened to us, I felt at home right away. We were lucky to work with Tom Daube --- If you get to specify who you want to work with, I highly recommend him. He was aware of our budget constrictions, and he never tried to "push us" to get a "better" ( i.e more expensive) ring, like an experience I had at a different store. He listened to what we were saying, he helped us find the perfect rings! Without further ado, let me introduce you to my wedding band :

^ Instead of the eternity Band, we are just going half the way around ( personally I don't find the need for diamonds all the way around, also if you ever lose or gain weight they are impossible to re-size!). This ring was an "ahh" moment with me. I was discouraged after trying on MANY rings, and this one just felt perfect. It looked amazing with my engagement ring, complimented it, but didn't overshadow it. I will take a picture of the two of them together once I get the ring in!

FI went for the classic route---Below is a ring that is close to the one he ended up purchasing-

--And there you have the Alexandria's wedding bands :) FI and I each purchased each others ring, and I love that we got them from the same place and that they are made out of the same metal! Now We just have to figure out what we want engraved on them!


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