Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mrs. Bowie is SUCH a Rock Star!!

Just finished watching Mrs. Bowie's episode of Who's Wedding Is It Anyway!! Whoo Hoo!! Again I was really pleased at the portrayal of the day. It's so interesting to see what they come up with after shooting so much footage. You never know what will make the show and what will end up either on the Bloopers episode or the cutting room floor. Mr. and Mrs. Bowie's love story rang true. Everyone needs to be sure to catch the episode tonight on the Style Network at 10:00pm. Yea for another great DC wedding, yea for the shout out to the DC Nearlyweds and "Whew" from your favorite DC wedding planners at holy matrimony. Kudo's to Rissa and Nathaniel at Balance Photography and Ashley at Up Do's for I Do's. Stay tuned though the season's not over yet, we've got more episodes to debut.


Blogger Andrea said...

Wow! And *PHEW* - I feel you on the sigh of relief. You're right! You really never do know what will be in there and what won't. I even spent almost the entire time dual-tasking while I watched designing a client wedding album to keep me a little distracted and calm my nerves.

Can't wait to see the other episodes that you've hinted at!

Thanks again for helping us to make our wedding turn out so well!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 6:37:00 AM  

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