Monday, May 05, 2008

So long, farewell

Hello, everyone! I know that I left you all hanging big time last night as I was right in the midst of posting pictures from my wedding that finally happened. Sorry about that! I've been busy with life and being pregnant! Officially, I'm 8.5 months and I'm about early to mid June. And am I ready? *shrug* I'd like to think I am but there seems to be a ton left for me to do before our baby girl arrives.

Anyway, I wanted to finish what I started before with showing you the last of our wedding photos by our lovely photographers Balance Weddings. I put together a photo montage to music of some of the over 780-something pictures that were captured and I hope that you can get a better idea of how The Big Day turned out for us. It was certainly a day that I won't soon forgot and perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones but I can't lie and say that I didn't get misty-eyed when I finally looked at all of the pictures. I would have posted all of the rest of the pictures in installments like I had started to do but I'm a little on the tired and short-of-time side these days and so doing a slideshow is a little better for me.
The entire thing is on the long side (a little over 11 minutes total, I believe) but, there are some great moments that were caught in the middle that weren't seen on television when our episode aired and it's those moments that I will remember and cherish most! See if you can last (and not get bored) until then at least! Something else - if you don't like mainstream country music (Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban) then feel free to mute it. Mr. Bowie is a big country fan and I felt it appropriate to use two of our favorite country songs as the lyrics really speak of our relationship.

Hope you all are well!!! This will officially be my next to last posting! I'll do at least one more when our little baby girl arrives so that you all can see a picture of two. It would only be right that way since I did announce my expectancy here afterall!!!

See you in a month or so when I bid you farewell once and for all and you're finally rid of me??? All the best with your planning of your own "happily ever afters." *wink* Take care.

Vendors used were as follows:

Event Planning and Coordination - Holy Matrimony Online, Vicky Johnson (aka Mrs. Nearlywed)

Church - Trinity Lutheran Church in Bowie, MD

Reception site and catering - Pho #1 Restaurant in Baltimore, MD

Bride and flower girl attire - Davids Bridal

Groom and ring bearer attire - After hours Formalwear


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