Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going to The Chapel...

...because my friends J & S are getting married! Yay! I got their invitation in the mail today for their August 8th wedding in Rhode Island. It's a very unique invitation, so I wanted to share it with you. S originally thought she'd like "Paper Source It" as I like to call it, but when time and budget got down to the wire she opted to go to a printer. J & S went to The Write Place in Chantilly and worked with Jill Boddie, the owner, to create their invitations. S is supposed to give me a few more details about the design process, which I'll share when she e-mails me again...apparently she was working today, rather than wedding planning at the office. ;)

Here it is! J & S spent about 2 hours with Jill at her home studio in Chantilly to come up with the design. The Write Place has a great reputation for personal and attentive service and S seemed to be pretty pleased with this aspect of the invitation process.

The invite is actually a tri-fold (see below), which I love because it's quite original. The design, as well as the wording inside is very J & S, warm and inviting! It's a truly personal invitation.

Here's a good view of the tri-fold. The extra "page" in the invite allowed them to skip the reception card and simply add the reception information directly to the invite. What a great idea!

My sister also had her wedding invitation done at The Write Place (I might have passed along the sis's recommendation to S...). My sister and her now husband went for a much more traditional invitation. I like seeing the two invitations together though because it really shows the range of options available.

Do you plan to go the DIY route on invitations or work with a printer? I think since I have a lot of time I may investigate making my own, but I'm still day-dreaming on that, I'll let you know when I decide!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog doing a search about weddings on google--our wedding date is September 20. I used Atlanta Letterpress for my invitations. I never went down there, just did the proofing online, and ended up with beautiful letterpress invitations (Crane's) for around $750 (200 invites). They launch new lines from time to time and I was able to take advantage of that and get 50% off. Check them out www.atlantaletterpress.com.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 2:52:00 PM  

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