Saturday, June 14, 2008

How Crafty Are You, Part II

All right, so apparently I am obsessed with letterpress printing.

But are these gift cards from Sycamore Street Press not adorable? 
These birch bark silver rings from Twigs and Heather would make great wedding bands, especially for men.  They're simple but not boring.  One of the artists told me her husband wears his as a wedding ring!
Everything at Perch Design is charming, but I thought these shake-a-leg salt and pepper shakers were especially great.
I loved these guys.  Why go to Hallmark or Party Town to get your confetti when you can get it handmade to any color, shape, or specification?  The nice folks at Confetti System will do it all for you--they also do hats, lanterns, garlands, or whatever you need for a party.  Plus, it sounds very scientific and technical, doesn't it?  "I had everything taken care of for me by Confetti System."  People will know you mean business.

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