Thursday, June 12, 2008

A whirlwind past couple of weeks--

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the mini-hiatus! I see we have some new brides on here, that is so exciting! Welcome to the new brides :) I have had an INSANE past couple of weeks! I was in Vegas for work for a week ( not as fun as it sounds, working 14+ days does not leave much room for the "fun side" of the Vegas)-- I took a red-eye flight on Friday night to get into Sandusky , OH on Saturday morning, just in time to see one of my best friends get married! I calculated and I went 45 hours without sleep---Probably a reason why I haven't been feeling to well :) It was definitly worth it though, it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding. This was the first wedding I attended since becoming engaged ( not the last have 5 more this summer!)--but I definitly appreciated all the little details A LOT more than I use to. The menus weren't something I discarded, it was something I took a picture of ---my name tag wasn't thrown on the floor ( it is currently in my purse)--I definitly had a different perspective! I will post pictures from this wedding next week!

I returned to DC on Monday--after missing actually being AT work for a week and not being at work on Monday--the last two days were crazy, and I am leaving today , in about 2 hours for my First Bridal shower in Ohio! So it's pretty crazy--I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you!

Wedding planning is in FULL DRIVE now, and I am proud to announce I DID MY FIRST GOCCO PROJECT LAST NIGHT!!! It took 2 1/2 hours ( some of this was watching tutorials on You tube--I recommend This one and Part 2---Even though it is outdated, it's very simple to follow, FI and i appreciated it! We now have our thank you cards :)

I don't have the pictures uploaded yet. We finished at midnight last night and had to be at work early so I can leave early---but I promise I will post them all, along with pictures of my envelopes AND invitations when i get back on Monday! I will also be posting much more frequently, as we are getting close to the 3 month mark and the wedding planning is kicking in, in full force.

Until than ciao and have an amazing weekend :)


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