Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Baltimore Cupcake Company Comes to D.C.!!!!

YAY! I will be the very first to admit that I am a certified cupcake snob. I can't help it! And my very favorite cupcakes have arrived in D.C.!!

Photo by Martha Fitzsimmons via The Baltimore Cupcake Company

The Baltimore Cupcake Company has teamed up with ladies of Hitched Salon in Georgetown to bring their delicious and whimsical little cakes to Washington. Deliveries will be made daily, so you can stop in and pick up a two-pack or six-pack (I'm really liking this new meaning of six-pack) any old time you want.

How perfect for bridal showers or bridesmaids luncheons or birthdays or baby showers or Tuesday afternoon...I mean is there is really a time when cupcakes are not appropriate? You can also place a special order 48 hours in advance and pick up at Hitched. Just call The Baltimore Cupcake Company at (888) 990-0133 to place your order for any flavor and quantity.

Classic Baltimore Cupcake Company flavors like key lime, vanilla and chocolate will be available along with toasted marshmallow, and an exclusive new flavor, coconut framboise! YUM!

Photo from Hitched

It all starts tomorrow (Wednesday, July 9), don't be surprised if you see me in line for the first cupcake. ;)

Hitched is located at 1523 Wisconsin Ave.
Store Hours are Tuesday -Thursday 12pm-8pm,
Friday 11am-6pm & Saturday 9am-5pm

Baltimore Cupcake Company Cupcakes
available during business hours

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Blogger Pretty Pixies Boutique said...

I saw BCC on the internet and thought it was PERFECT for my 1 year olds Alice in Wonderland party. I purchased cupacakes at $3 a pop AND a cupcake tree that was $85. My husband picked the items up for me, and to my dismay, the $85 cupcake tree stand was made of CARDBOARD- I could have made it myself. I e-mailed them, but never received a response. Great business ethics. If you want great cakes- go to Sweet Temptations in Timonium. They are awesome to deal with. I had a $300 cake that fell under the heavy pressure of the top layers- they gave me a gift certificate for the entire amount of the cake. AND their cakes are fabulous...

Friday, August 01, 2008 10:22:00 PM  

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