Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Invitations....

Okay, So everybody has received our invitations now, even our international guests---so it is time for me to present to you, my babies.

^ Sorry for the white boxes, I couldn't figure out how to blur the images, so these ugly white boxes are getting in the way of my invitations--but just imagine them as if they aren't there :) Here is the finished invitation, wrapped and ready to go. After much deliberation we used Silver and White Ribbon from Paper source to wrap the outside. Than we used the Xyron to make the M stickers that you see. Now let me show you what is inside!

^ What you see here is the invitation, which we had letterpressed by Paper-Source ( I highly recommend, it was competitive pricing, and they came out beautiful). Than FI and I cut the Stardream Mars Paper from paper source to put as a backing for the Invite.

Next step ( which I unfortunately don't have a picture of) was my aunts and Mom taped the stardream paper to the pocket fold, and the invite to the stardream paper. We purchased our Pocket Folds from Paper Presentation in stardream silver. I also highly recommend them, they were amazing quality, and worked perfect with our color scheme.

We than moved on to the inserts, we had four inserts total. All the inserts were printed on Stardream quartz paper from Paper-Source. We purchased the large pieces of the card stock for about $1.75 a sheet--in total we ended up purchasing about 30 sheets ( cleaned out the Georgetown and the Alexandria Paper-Source), but it was enough for all four inserts. We than spent a couple of hours at Kinkos, cutting the paper down to the right size, and than it was time to printing. We spent about 5 or 6 hours getting the design perfect/printing them out, and without further ado, our inserts :

^ Our Very Talented Groomsman designed this for us, we LOVE it. It shows our top 3 locations-Church, Reception Site, Hotel and of course the Metro.

^ Next up was our Reception Card--We put our logo at the top, and than kept it pretty simple.

^ We than included our brunch card, along with our wedding website, funny story FI and I forgot to include our website anywhere on the invites, so we had to run these thru the printer again at the last minute to add it!

^ We decided to use a postcard RSVP--the front had my parents name, but FI and Mine address so we could receive the responses! I must admit getting the mail is now my favorite part of the day! We also put a section for guests to write us a note, unfortunately we have only received a few that followed this request :)

^ The back of the RSVP had the usual accepting or declining--but we also asked if they would let us know where they are staying ( for OOT bags) and also if they would be attending brunch

So there you have it, the inserts and the pocket fold--Next up I will show the envelopes/Labels and it all put together!


Blogger style-for-style said...

papaya stamps???

I love it.

how did I miss those at the post office?

Thursday, July 31, 2008 2:14:00 PM  

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