Saturday, July 26, 2008

Save the Date!

Sorry I've been away so long I've been helping out with my sisters Las Vegas wedding which is rapidly approaching and completely neglecting my own wedding plans. I did however, manage to complete one DIY project in my absence. Previously I posted the save the date magnets we decided to use from Magnet Street and I've been searching for an inexpensive yet creative way to send them; well DIY project #1 is complete! In an effort to cut cost I opted to send our save the dates attached to postcards instead of in envelopes. This creative idea cut our postage cost in half allowing us to send the magnets for 27 cents each even with the magnets attached! This project was so inexpensive and yet it really sets the tone for what will be a "destination" wedding. Have a look!

Washington DC Postcards
I purchased 150 identical postcards
from a vendor at the monument for twenty bucks!

Mini Vellum Envelopes from Envelopemail and a handy glue gun held our save the date magnets to the postcards and only cost $10.95!

FYI, I just got a Magnet Street Promotional Code offering 10% off and free shipping: WEXPC10

Expires: 9/30/2008



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