Monday, September 22, 2008

Invitation Timeline

For our April 10 wedding, we've got lots of international guests. FI is American from Queens, NY, and his family would be coming from NY, NC, TX, and TN. My family is Jamaican, and family members would be travelling from Jamaica, Canada, England, NY, NJ, and FL. We expect to send out our save-the-dates in November and the invitations in December. My dear mother is stressing me about sending out invitations much earlier, so people can make their international travel arrangements, but I think sending invitations in December still allows plenty of time for people to make their travel arrangements. Plus, they'll have received their save-the-dates a full month before that, allowing 5 months for travel planning. My question is: Should invitations be sent out earlier to accommodate international guests? If so, how early should they be sent?



Blogger Prettylittlemess said...

I think you are missing the point of Save the Dates. They are a heads up for out of town, out of country guests. You should include enough information so they can make their plans.

Invitations are sent 10-8 weeks in advance. Any earlier will seem like overkill for your local guests. In addition, receiving an invite only a month after the STD would be awkward as well.

I would suggest including a wedding website on your STD and sending them in October or waiting until at least January to send invitations. The wedding website can fill in all the accommodations details for your OOT guests.

Monday, September 22, 2008 1:08:00 PM  
Blogger Miss Charlottesville said...

My fiance is British, so half our guests are coming from the UK and we've got guests coming from Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. We're going to send out our save-the-dates early, along with a detailed website so folks can make their travel arrangements, and then we'll send out the invitations at the usual time.

Monday, September 22, 2008 8:47:00 PM  
Blogger Miss Glen Allen said...

Thanks for the info.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 8:02:00 AM  

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