Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Invitations Are Coming ... The Invitations Are Coming...

Hello again brides and brides to be, I feel like I should re-introduce myself because I've been away for so long (sister’s wedding). Miss Mich here to gush about my invitations; they are so me and so pretty, and so me, so unique, and I hate to say it but so perfect! Let me rewind and attempt to harness my excitement; shortly after becoming engaged (December) I went to the Bridal expo in Dulles with little direction so early in the wedding planning game. I casually browsed the aisles collecting brochures and looking for wedding inspiration. Well, while I got tons of ideas for table settings and floral arrangements I really was not blown away by any of the invitation vender's, that is until I decided to make one final lap of the convention center to grab extra cake samples (I love cake). As I snagged a second sampling of chocolate amaretto cake I saw what looked like little books spread out on a table. When I approached I realized what I was looking at was no book; I picked up one of the rectangular objects with a puzzled look on my face and a pregnant woman reading my confusion called out it’s a Soji scroll or invitation… huh? As I opened the interesting object it all made sense and I immediately knew this was my invitation. The pregnant woman who I now know as Natasha is the owner of Imagination Creations where she works hand in hand with artist in India who hand make these unique little works of art which can easily set the tone for any event. Natasha explained it is common in India for couples to go all out on their wedding invitations and make a grand statement when announcing their big day. Well what a statement these invites make; I have nothing against the letterpress but it’s sort of predictable or expected in the world of weddings. When I looked around the bridal expo and even online my options were limited to a good, better, and best card stock, paper & ink colors, and if I really wanted to get creative I could throw in some vellum paper or ribbon… ooh! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someone somewhere had actually re-thought the entire invitation concept, Thank you India! I designed my invitation using a rich chocolate fabric, yes fabric for the exterior and a creamy custom printed stock for the inside announcement. Imagination Creations has everything a bride could dream of when coordinating a wedding from various paper stocks, fabrics, scrolls styles, crystals, big invites, engraved monogram plates, coordinating gift bags, small invites… and best of all, this hand made invitation goodness is not just for the rich the prices are comparable to regular printing & letterpress! The list goes on and on when it comes to this great find and while the website illustrates a fraction of what Imagination Creations can do Natasha has tons of samples and models to inspire any bride at her office. Okay, okay, without further adieu I’ll stop babbling and let you see what all the fuss is about! Enjoy

This print is my style and I know it will not be for everyone but, there are so may alternatives to card stock at Imagination Creations no matter what color, print, or fabric you choose it will be a fabulous, and unexpected, treat for invited guest to receive.

I added an engraved metal plate with our monogram; it gives the invitation an old world feel. Since we decided to marry at Newton White Mansion I wanted our invitations to reflect the decadence and elegance of the venue.

The invite opens like a scroll and reads like a grand announcement.

I'm really not a fan of mailing little cards back and forth so instead of inserts we designed the scroll so when you turn it over it reveals our weekend itinerary, local airports, hotel recommendations, and web address! Imagination Creations...Thinking outside the stock!



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