Monday, November 17, 2008

Favorite Online Wedding Resources

Just dropping in again! I'm having major computer issues right now and with Christmas right around the corner (and lots of sales at Best Buy) I'm trying to control my urges to get a new blogging device..er, computer!

I was putzing about on The Knot message boards today and I saw an old old old post (ok like 3 months old) about favorite online forums and sites for wedding resources. One bride listed the DC Knottie Vendor reviews and another bride responded saying she had never seen the page! My response: Whhhaaaaa???

But I forget sometimes that I too was once a naive bride, unknowing in the ways of DC vendor reviews, Knottie bios and boards, etc. So I wanted to share a few of my favorites and ask you to share yours in the comments section!

  • DC Knottie Vendor Reviews-One of my favorites! This one was particularly invaluable to me when we first started searching for venues because I could see venues that REAL local brides used, what brides thought of the venues, and what type of wedding they had there. Along with the information from the venues themselves, DCKVR really helped Mr. Fairfax and I narrow our list down to just a handful of places we knew it would be worth our time to visit. I have continued to use it as I've looked for other vendors. I'm not sure how often it's updated or how frequently brides add their bios, but most of the reviews are less than 2 years old.
  • Wedding Wire-One of my married friends tipped me off about Wedding Wire. Personally, I prefer this site to others for searching for any and all vendors available for a particular service. It's a search-able database where you can look up vendors by type (florist, baker, etc) or name. You also type in your zip code so the search returns vendors near your location. Brides are also able to review vendors, but only AFTER using them, so the reviews are from actual customers, not people who "heard" this vendor was "great." The listings are simple, straight-forward and provide information without confusing fluff! I found my photographer and my florist using Wedding Wire.
  • Indie Bride Kvetch Boards- Love this! Mostly because it's very very VERY easy to search. These are real brides sharing information about all things wedding-related (and some things non-wedding related) with each other. If you're a do-it-yourself-er, definitely check this out as there are lots of crafty chicks on these boards. When we briefly considered getting married in the Outer Banks, this was my #1 source for info because it was one of the only sites I found where I could do a search for "outer banks" and return usable information and real advice from other brides. One of my favorite features are the "Repository" posts where brides share all information on a particular topic. Right now, since I've got invitations on the brain, I'm really into the Invitation Repository where people have shared photos of their invites. There's also a wording repository if you're looking for unique ideas for invitation wording. This board also has a community-oriented, happy-go-lucky vibe, and did I mention it's REALLY easy to search?
What are you favorite wedding resources online? Uh, and if anyone has an advice for how to search for Knottie Bios on The Knot, I'd love to hear it...I still can't figure that out!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember ... businesses regularly post rave reviews crafted by staffers posing as customers. It was asked of me when I was an intern at a PR firm in a large US city.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 7:48:00 AM  

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