Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I've been having full on wedding nightmares for about the last 6 months. Anyone else? Yep, I thought so. It's not every night or anything but frequently enough to keep me on my toes!

Usually it something to do with not being on time, not having my shoes or not having my dress. Problems common in my normal, everyday, non-wedding nightmare life. I'm constantly 15 minutes late, can never find the shoes I want, and am constantly tearing drawers apart to find that one t-shirt I know I have somewhere.

Last night's wedding dream was quite heartening. I dreamed that we got married on the day after a big snowstorm and a lot of the guests couldn't make it, my Maid of Honor only made it to the reception, and the florist was late and some of the flowers were frozen. But the main feeling of the dream was that we GOT MARRIED and my wedding band was really pretty. Also that. And were were REALLY happy.

I was not ruffled at all by all the mishaps and just delighted to have gotten married. Hopefully sentiments that I'll have on the real day. When I awoke this morning, I was still a little confused and actually looked at my hand and thought oh, where's my wedding band? Oh, right it was just a dream.



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