Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Is there anything more fun then a bachelorette party in New Orleans? Answer: NO. This past weekend, me and 7 of of my close friends, invaded New Orleans for my bachelorette party. First, I have to say how flattered and honored I was that 7 people spent a small fortune to attend! Thank you Becca, Laura, Laura, Christine, Cathy, Mairin and Lillian! You guys mean the world to me and I had the time of my life!

The weekend started with a bang! We got in on Friday. The first thing we did was explore. We went up and down Bourbon street, stopping periodically for drinks of course. (did you know you can drink on the street there?!) After a mini nap, we went to dinner at a local suggestion, The Alpine, where we got Po' Boys, Jambalaya, gator, ribs and other Cajun yumminess. We then took part in the Haunted Ghost Tour, which I have been on before. This is where they guide you all around the french quarter and share hauntings! So much fun! The picture below is us right before the ghost tour, can you tell its HUMID there? (remember my hair from previous posts!)

Once the tour was over, we headed back to the hotel, where we had separate rooms, but a shared balcony. Yes a balcony!!! SO FUN! I was surprised with a lingerie shower! I got so many goodies, I am so excited and flattered my girls would do that. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures. My sister in law, Stephanie, also sent us a bottle of champagne and 8 glasses for a toast. My Matron of Honor send a huge basket filled with crackers, cheese, wine, olives, cookies, candy, you name it! I felt to special from all this!

The rest of the day was spent eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde, taking the trolley to the garden district, eating at my favorite place, The Gumbo Shop, and shopping for knick knacks! We also spent some time in the Hustler store looking for honeymoon stuff, wink wink :)

Later that night they dressed me up and gave me a pinata. It was filled with candy, thongs, lip gloss and glow necklaces!

MOH Becca's sister Meg, designed our AWESOME shirts. New Orleans themed, they are Tarot cards! The front says "Madam Rachel's"

Check out the skeleton holding a a diamond in one hand and a timer in the other! Notice my hot bridesmaid's with bouquets of daggers. SO RAD, right!? Thanks Meghan!

And of course, it was time to go out on the town! My favorite part of th enight, which thier are no pictures of, involved us singing Kareoke at "The Cat's Meow" singing, "It's Raining Men" We tore it UP!
The ladies

2 for 1?

Love you guys!!! Thanks again for making it the best weekend ever!

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