Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the ceremony: probably the important part

So far we've been focusing mostly on The Wedding as a whole, researching vendors, thinking about decor, working up tentative schedules and figuring out attire for the wedding party. Etc. But I know the whole point of the day is to, umm, get married, so I want to make sure the ceremony is just right for us.

We're not doing a religious ceremony, so we don't have a pastor or anyone we already know who could perform the ceremony for us. Luckily there is a whole network of celebrants/officiants out there who perform all kinds of ceremonies, and we're in the process of narrowing down our choice now (you can also search on WeddingWire.com and see reviews from other couples).

So far we've only managed to meet one prospect, but I'm trying to set up a meeting with at least one more person so we can compare. I really liked the first woman we interviewed, she seemed very experienced and gave us a ton of information about how we can personalize our ceremony. The only problem is that she's in Hyattsville, MD and we're having our wedding in Fairfax so her driving back and forth 2 nights in a row (once for the rehearsal) really adds to our carbon footprint, which I'm Trying to keep to a minimum.. So I'm trying to find someone a little more local. Anyone else going the non-religious route? Book your officiant yet? If so please share recommendations!

We know we want about a 30-minute ceremony, and we don't want to write our own vows but we still want it to be personal to us. Pretty silly? I just know myself (and the mister) and I know we'll both get stressed out over making them perfect (how to find that perfect balance between sweet and sappy? funny and meaningful? too much pressure!) and we'll over think everything and in the end I'll never manage to express in my own words how much he means to me and if I feel like I've fallen short I'll feel terrible. So I'm trying to find quotes and poems and exerpts that will explain things for us, and hopefully our officiant will put it all together with everything else she'll learn about us and our relationship and create a cohesive and meaningful ceremony.

If you are planning to write your own vows I think that's amazing. I've seen some great resources out there for ideas on how to format them, but since I wasn't thinking of writing my own I didn't take note of the sites.. I will try to find some and update this post later.

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