Saturday, July 11, 2009

the florist

I met with our potential florists today. I had pulled a bunch of pictures of centerpieces and bouquets that I like and we talked about what will/wont work within our limited budget.


{i forgot to tag the second pic when i found it - if you know the source, let me know so i can update!}

The original thought was that my mom and I could do the centerpieces to save some money but I'm so worried about the stress level that would come with that. My mom is a fabulous gardener and has won some Garden Club awards for her arrangements - but the point is we have to get the flowers down to Charlottesville in tact and then find the time to arrange the 15 centerpieces without losing our minds (or killing each other).

Karen and Karen, the two florists of Hedge are awesome. Karen 1 is a riot. She is super passionate and creative and talks a mile a minute. Karen 2 is the perfect balance. She is quiet, calm, and more business like. I can't wait to see what they have in store. We talked about collecting vintage glasses, vases, and bowls so we could add some fun to our long tables we are using and Karen 1 was all about adding kale, asparagus, and maybe even peaches just for some fun. I'm all over it!

I'm now waiting for the estimate!


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