Friday, July 24, 2009


I know it's a bit early to worry too much about them, but I keep going back to my program design ideas. I've considered just not doing programs, some people don't, I think we could not do them and people would survive. Also I'm pretty sure most of the time they get left behind or thrown away, I'd keep one for posterity but keep it in a box somewhere and not look at it much. STILL I feel drawn to the project, I'm at least going to keep fiddling with them, and when it comes down to it - we'll just see. Here are some things that are inspiring me.
Photo via MintDesignBlog

Photo by Union Photo via Once Wed
I've played around in InDesign a little here and there, can't quite settle on a concept just yet. I love the typewriter look, but also the more traditional. I love the idea of having programs that are not all the same, but go together. and then I also love the look of that yellow program, with the big blocky date on the front and the handwritten first page.. I ended up getting into linoleum block printing because I wanted to try to do something similar - man it's time consuming! A lot of fun though. I'll post some of my practice ones when I've put together a few samples.

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