Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fun new resource

I just wanted to share this new site I came across recently, Utterly Engaged.. It's no Once Wed but they have what looks like a fun e-zine, some DIY tips, some Real Wedding porn.. I just found it so I have looked around too much but it's kinda fun. I think it has potential.

After reading East Side Bride's latest post "your wedding is not a photo shoot," I feel a little better about our as-yet-undecided photography plans. whatever those end up being. Whatever we decide to do, the wedding is a Wedding and as long as we have a good time and we have some photos that capture our joy at the end of it.. We're going to be happy. having said that--! I'm going to continue to swoon over all the Real Weddings out there that are so dazzling and magical..

Also if I could have a photo like this from our wedding.. that would make it all worth it. LOL

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Blogger Unknown said...

HA! That would be me! But, I totally agree with that blog, I feel like sometimes I am being pumped with useless knowledge and unrealistic expectations with these mag/blogs all the time...

btw...what price range are you looking for in a photog? Our photog is very good and he has a good price (not sure if that has changed, but I can give you his info if you want it)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:52:00 PM  
Blogger Miss Fairfax said...

thanks - well unfortunately since we were originally budgeting for a friend to do it at a pretty deep discount, we're looking for someone to do it for somewhere between $500 and $700. we know it's unreasonable to expect a pro to do it at that rate, so we'll probably go with someone who's trying to break into the business and just wants to develop their portfolio. If you know a likely person we're all ears. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009 11:07:00 AM  

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