Monday, July 27, 2009

where does the time go??

One of my co-workers had a baby last week, and I just remember the day she came and told me she was pregnant, it doesn't seem that long ago! And the time between then and now was eight months, about the same amount of time between now and the wedding, and I just can't imagine March 20th will ever get here! But at the same time I can't believe it's almost August, we've been engaged for almost six months.. eep!

I am excited to report that we have reserved our room block at the Hampton Inn - we're getting the $79/night rate, and I didn't even have to negotiate to make sure we won't be held responsible if the block isn't filled. So I'm pleased. ..now we just have to figure out who we're going to invite to FILL these rooms... guest list. sigh.

Also we seem like we're pretty settled on our officiant! We haven't officially told her we're in, but I think we will soon. Her name is Georgiana Atkins-Havill - she had a bunch of 5-star reviews on WeddingWire, and she's been featured in the Washington Post and other places. I spoke to her on the phone and she sounds lovely. She operates a little differently from other officiants/celebrants I've looked into - there's no contract, no set fee. We'll be discussing different ceremony options via email, and then 2 weeks in advance of the wedding (so her impressions of us will be fresh for the ceremony) we'll meet with her and finalize all the details, she'll do a run-through with us, of the vows and the ring exchange (but not everything - she likes to shoot from the hip a little so it doesn't sound rehearsed and stale, I liked that), and then after the ceremony we just pay her the amount we feel is appropriate and comfortable for us. She says she's never been underpaid, more often she's overpaid, because that's how happy people are with her work. So we feel pretty good about working with her. She seems to have a real passion for this. And that's a good thing! *martha stewart smile*

I was able to stop in at the REFRESH at FRESH event yesterday, got to hang out with our lovely Miss Not Yet Wed and her assistant Angela - didn't get to buy anything but it was a lot of fun! Anything with free champagne and cupcakes..! I'm there. Unfortunately it was so Hot, I didn't feel comfortable trying anything on since I was a sweaty hot mess. I will definitely have to go back though, they had some cute stuff.

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