Monday, August 24, 2009

Bed Bath and Beyond Discovery!

Just thought I'd share a very exciting find with everyone! My mom threw me a bridal shower in Florida. My mom is a social butterfly, and there were about 40 ladies at the shower, probably around 30 of whom I've never met (note: if ever in a situation like this, respectfully request that name tags are used - they'll be your only hope!).

The shower was awesome, the ladies were a RIOT - turns out that many ladies revert back to their high school/college gal pal days, they were SERIOUSLY the life of the party, after their kids graduate from college and leave the nest! This was an exciting revelation for me - something to look forward to!!

Anyway, everyone was SO super generous, and I ended up with way too many gifts to bring back with me on the plane (even though I brought a huge empty suitcase). I thought about shipping them via UPS, or having someone drive them up when they come for the wedding - but I figured it might be easiest to just take everything back to Bed Bath and Beyond, return it, and then re-buy everything the next day at BBB in Arlington.

So I rolled into the BBB in Florida with two shopping carts full of returns, and the nice lady at the store told me that she could basically return, and then I could "rebuy", and SHIP everything to myself for FREE!! I was over the moon - because this saved me a trip, and also, the lady told me that since it was off a registry, everything would be gift wrapped - SO Mr. OBX got to open everything and be surprised! (I've been telling him that he has to act like a bride - and get super excited (like I do naturally) over colanders, towels, canisters...its funny!). The one caveat is that if your guests used those 20% off coupons, you have to bring enough of them to apply to each gift...or you lose that money (but they did give me a break). EXTRA bonus: their gift packaging matches my wedding colors perfectly - LOVE it.

*I can't find any info about this on the BBB website, so I'm HOPING this isn't an anomaly and a one time instance where someone was just extra nice to me!

The only concern I've got is that - 30 days out from the wedding - our registries at Macy's, BBB, and Crate and Barrel are pretty barren - anyone have advice on new/different ideas for registering?


Blogger Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

That is a great tip...I enjoy reading your blog...

Monday, August 24, 2009 11:52:00 AM  
Blogger mskimmi said...

Look into an Amazon.com registry. You can create a link to "Add to Registry" from any website. My fiance and I are thinking of using this feature to add a few things from amazon.com we want, and use the link to externally add things like gift certificates to the airline we are using for our honeymoon or for hotels we may be using. You can also use it to add things from websites that don't have a registry, Etsy, ect.

Monday, August 24, 2009 12:25:00 PM  

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