Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Recent News...

I promised Mr. Glen Echo that I would hold off on wedding activities for a while. That has proven to be difficult for me. So, I compromised with him. Instead of looking for new ideas (which means spending more money), I decided to finalize a few lingering projects.
I went home this past weekend to Ashland, Va to work on the attire for my ladies. I went home because 4 out of my 7 bridesmaids are down there (and are related to me...love having family as your best friends!). Our visit to the bridal salon was a waste of time to say the least. They had only one of the styles the Ladies liked, the consultant gave us the most ridiculous advice (according to her, no one has the right body to fit any of their dresses...) and the prices for the gowns were all $30 more there than they are on-line.
The worse part about my visit to Va, however, was losing a bridesmaid all together! My cousin calls me, as I am driving the wrong way on the interstate and already pissed from being on the road all day, and asks me not to be upset with her. She tells me that she is pregnant! She and her husband were not trying and she skipped her period back in June (hmm...why am I finding out now...) which means she would be ready to pop around the date of our wedding. I gave my cousin the option of staying in the wedding, but she felt nervous about it.
This was not good...but I had an already built in solution. I had designated my half-sister to be a part of the ceremony, but not a bridesmaid (she is a single mother and I did not want to put any financial burdens on her). I called her, discussed it with her and she guaranteed me that everything would be okay, plus I will help her out as much as I can. So, I just switched their roles and crossed my fingers.
On a positive note, I did find out that the flower girl dress I purchased in January actually does fit my flower girl! My mother found the cutest and perfect flower girl dress while we were shopping for my wedding dress in Richmond. As I was signing my contract with Bella Rosa, my mother ran up to me with the dress and showed me the magnificent price tag, $25! I figured, what the hell...if it doesn't fit, I only spent $25. My little cousin was a size 6 when I purchased the dress and I was nervous because the dress was a size 6...and she is 6...the wedding was over a year away and kids tend to grow...
But! Here she is in the dress (do not mind the sad look...it was her birthday and she wanted to get to her party)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sure she waited to tell you until she was past her first trimester... it's common practice as that's when you have the highest likelyhood of miscarrying so once you get past that point you're a bit safer.
glad you could fill the vacant spot though and it sounds like it worked out for everyone involved!

Thursday, August 13, 2009 10:01:00 PM  
Blogger Miss Fairfax said...

yeah it never would have occurred to me until last year when my boss miscarried.. it was even more devastating because she had been telling everyone and got all excited about it.. ugh it was really sad. So I don't blame your cousin for waiting to make sure! but I'm really glad you had a back-up plan and it's going to work out.

Is Ashland the town where the train goes right down like Main Street? I've ridden through on Amtrak and it looks like an amazingly cute little place.

Friday, August 14, 2009 8:40:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh yeah, Ashland is a small town between Fredericksburg and Richmond. The Amtrack does go right through the town and has forever. It is basically Mayberry, but I love my hometown (although Wal-Mart moved in and now they are trying to turn it into a suburb of Richmond/Fredericksburg and I DO NOT like that!)

Friday, August 14, 2009 2:41:00 PM  

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