Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm BACK!!!! Night terrors and STDs and All

Hi ladies! Remember me? The delinquent Nearlywed who hasn't posted in a few weeks? I've been away at two conferences the past two weeks, but I'm home now and nearly caught up on life, and I have a whole bunch of posts coming your way. To start out, in response to Miss Fairfax's post on wedding dreams and nightmares, I thought I'd share a NIGHT TERROR I had on Monday morning, in between alarms.

All of a sudden, it was time to get married, I hadn't finished getting everything done, there wasn't enough time, and I had only minutes to get ready for my wedding.  I had wanted this day to be so perfect, and all of a sudden it was upon me and it was all wrong and I would never have the chance to do it again.  I was getting ready for the ceremony, and I had no one to do hair or makeup, had to throw on a dress that wasn't right, and rushed down the aisle. Only a few people were there, and the wedding must have been at 4 pm on a weekday or something because a few people had rushed from work and were in casual clothes. The ceremony was all wrong - I realized as I was walking down the aisle that we had never had time to discuss with the officiant/my FFIL what we wanted in the ceremony, and none of the Jewish elements were incorporated. I realized AFTER the ceremony that we hadn't taken any pictures, and then I realized the photographer wasn't even there and that maybe she didn't know about the wedding (even though we've already paid the deposit and everything). I wondered how I had made it through the ceremony without even realizing we weren't taking any pictures!  So I called her and left a voicemail saying that I hoped if she wasn't busy she could come take some pictures at the reception the NEXT DAY (weird, huh?). Then at the reception, there was a buffet instead of a plated dinner, all these people showed up who weren't invited like it was a college party or something, and the colors and decor were nothing I had chosen. They were generic hotel decorations or something. Then,  my dad announces that he's gotten a special guest to stop by and sing a song in between sets at the concert next door (or something equally strange). And out walks Kenny Chesney! (I think one of his songs was playing on the radio and permeated my dream). Except he was old and ugly! Mercifully, the radio then pulled me out of my dream and the night terror was over. I woke up, tense, sweating, and maybe even crying a little about the disaster that I thought my wedding was. And Mr. Chevy Chase had already left for the hospital, so he couldn't comfort me. I had to shake it off and get through a day of work, although images of the nightmare kept coming back to me all through the day. And still haunt me.

In retrospect, I think the nightmare was a reflection of how worried I am about getting out the STDs, since that's the only thing I'm working on right now, and I had planned to have them out in June. Remember my first STD post on July 9th? Well, I'm STILL working on the back of the postcard. In fact, I just totally redesigned it today. I'm being a bit anal-retentive and can't seem to let myself just be satisfied with them and place the order. But I have a coupon that expires in a few days, and so I'm absolutely-positively-without-a-doubt going to place the order before then. I'll share with you the various versions later this week.



Blogger Miss Fairfax said...

wow! that sounds more intense than mine have been. certainly Kenny Chesney has never been in any of them! haha. but I feel a little better knowing that other brides have dreams like this. it'll come together!

looking forward to seeing what you ended up doing for the STD.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 1:38:00 PM  

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