Thursday, October 01, 2009

cool (and functional!) table number idea

Just saw this photo spread over on Green Wedding Shoes, love the table number idea - big number painted on a carafe! I've been collecting milk bottles to use as water jugs for the tables, and then also looking for ideas for table numbers.. ideas = married.

Just found these carafes for sale - pretty cheap! We might still want to use milk bottles, but this is a good back up. [photo courtesy of Mission Restaurant Supply]
If you're looking for milk bottles and have some time before you need them, we've been getting our milk in old-timey glass bottles from Whole Foods - comes from a creamery in Virginia, can't remember the name! It's not cheap, like $4.50/bottle, but you can return the bottles for a $2 refund. So if we go ahead and collect enough to use at the wedding, we'll be able to turn them back in next March for a nice little bit of cash. Also.. the milk is delicious!

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