Wednesday, December 09, 2009

talking it out

Right now, just over 3 months from the wedding (holy what?), the main thing I'm focusing on is hammering out the scheduling for the week-of and day-of. Maybe a little far in advance but since I'm having family members do some of the big stuff (flowers, cake), and places people are staying are kind of spread out (Herndon, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria), I really want to make sure we're thinking of everything in advance so we're moving efficiently leading up to the wedding.

It's a good thing I'm doing this now because I had been planning to have the bachelorette party the Thursday before the wedding, but after going through all the logistics I've realized that is just not possible, so we're going to have the bachelorette the evening of the day of the shower (end of next month). At first when I thought about it, seemed a little anti-climactic to have it that far in advance but it will still be way fun and I would much rather do it then, than be stressed out trying to make it happen the week of the wedding. When are you all doing your bachelorette parties?

Also! My MOH and I are trying to think of semi-non traditional ideas for what to do for the bachelorette. Someone suggested a sexy-themed scavenger hunt in an art gallery (finding all the nudes I guess??) which sounds like a cool idea but I'm not sure that's what I want to do exactly. But new ideas like that are what I'm looking for.

Other kinds of talking it out going on right now is the pre-marital counseling discussion. Mr. Fairfax and I have been on the fence about hiring a pro, figuring we could go through the list of things usually discussed in formal counseling and sort of do it on our own - however, after Meg's post the other day, we are way more convinced we should go ahead and find a pro to work with. Really want to make sure we're doing this the smart way, and probably going to this kind of counseling now when we're happy and there's nothing wrong, may help us feel more comfortable seeing a counselor in the future if we find ourselves in a rough spot (in addition to the obvious benefit of having these kinds of discussions facilitated by a pro).

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