Thursday, October 29, 2009


I really want to write about my wedding, but I am waiting to organize my pictures that we got from our photog so I can share some of my faves.

Until then, I am here and there helping other friends who are in the process of getting hitched with some last minute accessorizing. I happen to love THE REMIX, this fabulous vintage store in Capitol Hill ( and online shopping!).

I have to admit, some (most) of the clothes are crazy expensive, but what I love about this place are the bits and baubles they have. With weddings, you really want to express your personality not just through your dress, but have it shine out head to toe (omg, I sound like Tyra).

One of the pieces I saw online that would be so fun for a wedding day clutch is this beaded darling:

I also love Annie Cream Cheese in Georgetown. Look at this possible rehearsal dinner dress:

I love this place because they have tons of crazy cute jeans and sexy little dresses. It might be worth a trip in there or to The Remix to find something for the bachelorette party, bridesmaids presents, or something nice for yourself after a long day of wedding planning.

So don't gloss over some of the rad vintage we have in this area. Some of the items can turn into really fantastic finds!

Other area stores that I have visited or heard great things about are:

Mood Indigo on U St.

Meeps and Aunt Neensy's on U St. (Never been but some students of mine have and loved it there)

Vogue to Vintage in Reston.

So happy hunting for those vintage goodies! And hope everyone has a safe , fun, and spooky Halloween! I get to attend a masquerade ball wedding on Halloween so I will let you all know how that wedding goes.


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