Wednesday, January 06, 2010

and it begins..

..the post-holiday wedding frenzy, I mean. I've been imagining all this time that once the holidays went by, that's when I'd really start feeling the pressure - and it's pretty true! No huge stress yet but it's getting to be that time where things I've been putting off for another day simply cannot be put off any longer. Like booking the rehearsal dinner! I imagined I'd get that done around November, maybe December. Uhh woops.

Also I've been having the darndest time with the wedding bands. Mr. Fairfax picked out a great titanium one on etsy (the one pictured is 9mm, we got it 5mm and it's awesome), and had his finger sized (at Macy's), so I went ahead and ordered it with engraving (knowing full well that I could not exchange it for a different size if I had it engraved)..... and it's too big. Just by a little bit but it flops all around on his finger, I'm sure that's not ideal. Sooooo we have to buy a new one! And we'll save the one that's a bit too big for when he fleshes out a bit in his old age. ;)

That by itself didn't bother me too much. My own hunt for the perfect ring just isn't going even as well as that. Originally I imagined that I would like a little sparkle on my wedding band and it would be easy to pick it out, I just wanted something like this. But then I tried something like that on in a store and it didn't look quite right. So then I went for something entirely different and tried this one. And it looks Ridiculous with my ring. Looks great by itself but I want to continue wearing my engagement ring so now I have to return that one. Then I found this one on etsy and thought it would be perfect -
and then it arrived and it's wayyy too thin and looks wonky (my engagement ring is just under 2mm thick, this one is I think just under 1mm thick, so it just makes my engagement ring look kind of clunky). SO.

I didn't expect the wedding band search to stress me out at all, but it's actually really upsetting me. The wedding band is important. Maybe more important than the engagement ring, for the symbolism it represents. Is anyone else having a hard time with this? Totally should have just picked out a set instead of the engagement ring by itself!

UPDATE: The folks at seababejewelry are giving me a 100% credit if I return the ring, and they're making one exactly to my specifications that should only cost a bit more than the original one I bought. So that's good news. Also, titaniumknights, who made mr. fairfax's ring, is giving me the engraving for free on the redo. Sooo that's something too. If you're ever unhappy with something you've ordered on etsy, always ask them (nicely) if they'll fix it! Usually what I order is exactly what I wanted, but every time it hasn't been quite right, the vendor always works hard to make exactly what I want.

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