Thursday, February 18, 2010

erin mcdermott

since mr. uva and i moved to charlottesville, we have met some awesome people. one night, last year, i was over at my friend erin's house. that night, erin so kindly introduced me to meg runion (our engagement session photographer) and the three of us got to chatting. wouldn't it be great if we started our own wedding planning company with a la carte services. meg would be the photographer and crafter extraordinaire, i would be the logistics planner, and the lovely erin mcdermott would be the creative side and jeweler. i do still dream about this plan and how fun it would be to work with these ladies...

erin moved to charlotte, nc over the summer to live with her fiance (a fellow bride-to-be) and design her jewelry full-time and has been designing up a storm making awesome custom pieces for brides and bridesmaids. what a great bridesmaid gift idea! i'm a little jealous of all of these ladies who get to work with erin. she really is fabulous!

she sells some awesome everyday pieces as well as her custom wedding delights. my little sister wears one of erin's charm necklaces that was a birthday gift almost everyday.

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