Sunday, April 16, 2006

DIY... Sort of...

I love DIY in concept, the personalization and the savings, but at the heart of the matter, my time never seems to be adequate to achieve my desired results.
I ran across this terrific site called Fabulous Stationery, where they have already created hundreds of designs for really stunning stationery and you add your own names and message. Choose your colors and Voila, custum stationary, thank you's, save the dates even invitations for brunches and rehearsal dinners done in minutes.
They have a pretty extensive wedding section but choose any occasion, their site is great.
Now if this wasn't cool enough, every card has your return address imprinted on the back and all of their envelopes (including their RSVP envelopes) have a window on the back to allow the return address to show through so that when they throw the envelope away, the card has your return address on it so they can stay in contact. I am impressed.


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