Sunday, April 16, 2006

Read All About It

I am quite proud of my wedding library. My wish list is not of gadgets and doodads, but wedding books. The investment has been a good one and I encourage you to take the time and check out some of the best for inspiration. This is at least a good start.

For Flowers:
Wedding Flowers, Paula Pryke
The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers: Carly Roney
Bouquets, Masha Heckman
To Have and Hold: Magical Wedding Bouquets: David Stark
The Bride's Bouquet: Jeanne Graham
Preston Bailey's Fantasy Weddings: Preston Bailey
Bridal Flowers: Maria McBride Mellinger

For Decor:
Jo Gartin's Weddings: Jo Gartin
In Style Weddings: Editors of In Style Magazine
The Perfect Wedding Reception: Maria McBride Mellinger
The Perfect Wedding: Maria McBride Mellinger
Weddings: Colin Cowie
Weddings Valentine Style: Diann Valentine
The Best Of Martha Stewart Weddings: Martha Stewart

For Dress Design:
Simple Stunning Weddings: Karen Bussen
The Wedding Dress: Maria McBride Mellinger
Vera Wang on Weddings: Vera Wang
How to Buy Your Perfect Wedding Dress: Kleinfeld's


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