Saturday, April 08, 2006

Corkage Fees

I recently handled a wedding where even though the venue had a very fine and extensive wine list, the couple decided to bring in a case of their favorite vintage in addition. The venue charged a corkage fee of $12 per bottle to open and pour the wine that the couple provided. Luxist
covered a great survey first seen in the SF Gate on what the going rate is for corkage fees and how people feel about them. This was all sparked by an article on a pizzeria that decided they did not want patrons to bring in their own wine.
This is something to give serious thought to when budgeting if a great wine list is paramount to your menu. On a similar note, many more brides will find themselves paying alot more for bars, in order to get the brands they want to serve as venues begin to prohibit you from bringing any alcohol on premise.


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