Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Phase Two - Feeling Bridal

These days I'm not feeling very bridal, but I also have to question what that means exactly. To me, I picture an overly exuberant statuesque beauty with a wedding planner in one hand and bridal magazine in the other, fiercely reading articles and taking notes with a chic pen with one of those cheesy pop culture catch phrases referencing some cutesy wedding quote.

Instead, I stand as a petite and laid-back chick with a penchant for the practical things in life. I hold a cell phone in one hand, dialed into a conference call, and with the other hand I'm scribbling notes on Post-its, drafting an e-mail, and eating lunch (yes I'm highly skilled with one hand)!

These days, I have a sincere respect and admiration for wives and brides-to-be who somehow have learned to manage and balance families, careers, hobbies, relationships, finances, chores, and more, yet still finding time to plan the biggest party and Public Relations event of their lives.

I sit in awe, realizing that I am not bridal, nor am I idle...I am a woman with a dream that I'm pursuing every day. I lack the fairy godmother populated by children's tales and bedtime stories, rather I am a real-life bride, affected by real-life situations and tribulations, yet I continue on my path, anxiously awaiting my destination.

I'm now off to create a song-list and design artwork for my CD favors, all the while doing laundry, and packing for travel.

Till next time - let thee be bridal!


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