Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Halt those invitations! (Postponement Alert)

My fiance and I have recently run into some pitfalls and we must postpone the wedding, specifically due to time, convenience, and of course some financial implications. My fiance's family has had serious illness within the family and his brother (and best man) is off in Iraq (we expected him back this June, however his ship date has now been officially changed, not due to return until April of 2007). We haven't mailed invitations yet, we just prepared them and we were waiting for them to arrive in-store at Papyrus.

I've already talked with my vendors and notified them via phone and in writing of the change. My fiance and I have talked in-depth and chosen July 7, 2007 as our "new" date. We were luckily able to secure our original vendors for the date with the exception of our videographer, who is working to provide an alternate recommendation and has said they'll transfer our deposit to one of the recommended replacements.

We're going to send electronic Postponement announcements via our wedding web site, since we've only notified people electronically at this point, other than those invited whom we've told already, during our initial conversations, about this.

At this point, we're going to continue finalizing items so that things will be completed by 2007. It's wishful thinking, but certainly worth a try. I'll make future announcements here with regard to next steps and preparations from this point. Of course, I welcome everyone's input, suggestions and thoughts of how to make a seamless transition. Just for background, I'm going from a September 9, 2006 date to July 7, 2007, so its a significant amount of time. While my fiance and I are eager and anxious to tie the knot, we want to take our time and make sure that we don't rush to the altar and sacrifice the experience of the true meaning of this.
Again, Thanks to all for support and look forward to hearing more from me soon this week.


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