Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back from Vacation and More Wedding Stuff..

Well, I just arrived from my 2 week animated vacation in Vegas - of course, since I journeyed with my fiancé and my parents, the running joke was that I'd elope while there and do some serious gambling...is this what Vegas has become or better yet, is this what I've become...lol

I suppose my rants and frustrated commentaries on the woes of pre-wedding planning

While in Vegas, I stayed at Ceasar's and couldn't help but laugh lovingly at their chapel tagline "Emporer of Weddings, Seize the Day" - how hilarious is that, but then again, I thought about the number of loving and lasting marriages started in that beautiful chapel (which was gorgeous by the way, laid out with beautiful lighting, lush greenery, red, white and gold flecked carpet and perky roses of a raspberry melon color)

It's a beautiful place and while I didn't tie the knot there, I wanted to spread the word of the beaut that is Ceasar's Chapel, in fact, while there, I witnessed 2 weddings, one of which the bride and groom were dressed to the nines in hip traditional and classic formalwear and the other where the Groom wore a linen tee shirt and yet both were equally great.

I'm catching up here to see what I've missed, you ladies have really been on the ball with the planning - can't wait to jump back in, but I really enjoyed the quick breather away from everything, especially work..haha

Glad to be back!


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