Monday, September 18, 2006

Just another day on the good old planning block!

It seems like I've always got a list of things to do these days, as the days get closer and closer, my time seems to be disappearing as does my energy, excitement and interest. I'm still very much anxious to walk down the aisle and celebrate my love, but gosh...the journey is just sooo long and quite tiresome. I'm attempting to be as cheerful as possible, but its hard. I'm just wiped out...I decided to do a little list to refresh my thought process and renew this whole planning period.

Flowers/Decor - I need to start thinking about this with my florist...I've decided to go for lush romance with lots of candles and as my colors are fuchsia, black and silver, I want to use lots of orchids and stargazer lillies with some hints of greenery and black calla lillies.

Bridesmaids Gowns - in January, I need to round up my girls to purchase their dresses, and pick out hair options and make-up palattes, this should be relatively easy

Menu - I've already got a general idea of the wedding menu I'd like to have, so this is just a matter of identifying the last minute details and pulling it all together and finalizing my guest list (this should all be done in February or March, so I can schedule my tasting for April/May and not spend my last month of near sanity (June) doing last minute details.

Stationery - this is a hard one, as I have ideas but not really sure where I want to go, custom, modern, contemporary, classic, tie-back, trifold...just not sure...I'll be looking into this next, so i can get a jumpstart...I'm about 10 months away from the date now and still have much to do.

What about you ladies, what other things do you have to consider before the big day?


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