Friday, September 01, 2006

New Trend Raw Footage Video

Are you getting your wedding videotaped?

On the one hand you watch it once of twice and then you never look at it again and it's expensive, coming in at about $1500 on average for one camera perhaps the money is better spent somewhere else.

One the flip side, your wedding day is a blur. It goes by so fast, there are so many people, were the flowers as beautiful as the florist promised. Did my grandmother really do the Booty Call? I HAVE to have the video.

A new trend is having your wedding filmed in high definition but only paying for the raw footage. because everything is coming to you digitally it can be edited at any time, when you have more discretionary funds available.

The cost $500 -700 which is a huge savings. In our area check out Leo Zheng and Washington's Best


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