Friday, August 24, 2007

DC's Rumor Mill or the Real A-List?

Over at DC Nightlife Raw there is a strikingly intriguing tidbit that speaks to the hottest spots in the DC area, you know the one's that NOBODY can get into unless you either own the place or have a secret password. Now the piece does mention that they made up some of the clues and that not all of these spots exist here, but if anyone knows the identity of any of these spots DO TELL.

I mean, you want to have a slamming bachelorette party don't you? Well, it's GOT to be someplace worthy of your presence. Get to sniffing around my little brides and dish the dirt.

Here are the clues from DCNR:
DCNR has compiled a list of some of our favorite DC nightlife secrets (which we know first-hand to be true) as well as some that we just plain made up.

Did you hear about:

-The restaurant in Chinatown where you can get teapots filled with beer after last call simply by asking for “cold tea”?

-The secret name that all bouncers at Smith Point are instructed to let you in on if you use it, no matter who you are? (Hint: It’s not Jenna Bush)

-The new “House of Secrets” where professional athletes and visiting celebrities party with their underage guests almost every weekend?

-The Capitol Hill watering hole that has a hidden tunnel leading directly to a maintenance room in the House of Representatives wing of the Capitol?

-The just opened Milk and Honey inspired NW DC destination owned by Todd Thrasher whose unpublished address can only be obtained by patrons who dial their unlisted phone number for reservations?

-The Dupont Circle restaurant with a fully-functioning underground casino?

-The old-town Alexandria bar that serves a drink made with Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac to anyone who knows the “password” for $25?

-The non-descript and unmarked doorway next to a well-known Georgetown restaurant which leads to an upstairs nightclub that is the new weekend destination of the Late-Night-Shots crew?

-The highly-reviewed Penn Quarter restaurant that is currently acting as a front for an all-night brothel? (We no longer eat there for reasons we don’t want to explain)

-The Connecticut Ave establishment that is funded entirely by mafia profits?

-The DC Gentleman’s club with a secret-panel-wall/two-way mirror that leads to a pillow-clad “unsupervised champagne room” know to be the film set for DC’s largest producer of adult entertainment movies?

Hmmmmmmmm......... I want to go to them ALL!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post regarding Todd Thrasher - He opened PX in Old Town, not in DC, with the owners of Restaurant Eve. There is no tie to Milk and Honey in New York. Please clarify this for your readers. Thank you and love this blog. Well done.

Monday, August 27, 2007 10:07:00 AM  

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