Friday, August 24, 2007

More on Sand...

In a recent post on Sand Ceremonies, we made reference to an online company that is packaging the items together for ease in purchasing. The owner of the company wanted to rebut and did so in the Comments section, i wanted to make sure that his voice was heard, in case everyone doesn't make there way through the Comments. I stand behind my opinion on the product but also want to be fair. So here it is.

Hi Folks! We're a new company and are learning how to make the website better and get the priceing lower. Really appreciated the feedback! The current production costs are high to include the vase, six bottle of sand, name tags & packaging, but with increased popularity, we can bring Memory Sands for less! We hope the convenience of a complete kit will save the running around to target and Crate & Barrel for all the pieces. Our kit is ready to go, one stop!
Robert Marshall


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