Friday, August 24, 2007

It's A Surprise!

I apologize for whetting your appetite with this little tidbit. But the gals over at Bridal Bar let this out of the bag and it only pertains to couples in CA.

Do you want a celebrity to plan your wedding? If you are getting married in October or November 2007 in Southern California then there is a new reality show looking for you.

The show, Surprise Celebrity Wedding Planner is looking for couples who LIVE in the Los Angeles area and are willing to turn over control and planning to a mystery celebrity.
The entire wedding will be planned in one week with the assistance of family and friends, so the suspense and drama won't actually kill you.

Hopefully you end up with someone with great taste like Kathy Hilton (say what you will the woman has great taste) rather than someone like Cyndi Lauper (no comment).


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