Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Philippa Tarrant

I'm still in the midst of choosing a florist but before I started even talking to florists I did a ton of research by looking at different floral websites. I wanted to be able to offer my florist plenty of images that would easily convey the "feel" I was going for. Plus I wanted to find as many floral types as possible in my wedding colors that I liked so if [insert name of really expensive out-of- season flower X] was not available then I could say "well that's o.k. what about flowers y and z?"

I really liked the artistic talents of D.C. florist Philippa Tarrant. As you can see from the
photo below she uses a lot of vibrant colors, unique textures, and has a modern approach to floral art.

For the average bride with the average budget someone with such skills might be out of your price range but that doesn't mean that you still can't draw inspiration. If you look outside the "wedding" album on her site you can get a lot of of unique ideas that could be easy to create and possibly even to Do It Yourself (DIY). So if you are a budget bride I bet with some practice you could imitate some of the below

The added bonus is that with minimal floral designs like the ones above you can really save money on flowers because you're only using one or two flowers per display and/or using non-floral materials such as branches.

For more beautiful pictures or if you'd like to contact Philippa to see about your own wedding check out her website.

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