Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Toast... To You...

Aren't you worth the very best life has to offer? If not you then who? Matsuzakaya Department Store in Japan, ( I would give you the link, but even translated the majority of the page is in Japanese) is selling the world's most expensive bottle of Dom Perignon at the cool price of $11,000 run, don't walk to get your bottle.

The store started selling them this past Wednesday and the reason these particular Dom Perignon's are so expensive is that they're part of a limited group of 100 bottles available worldwide that are vintage 1995, which is considered a good year. 20 of the bottles are slotted to be sold in Japan, with the first 5 being sold at Matsuzakaya. Of course the bottles are not only numbered, but are also "elaborately wrapped" to help attract customers, and so far 1 bottle has been sold.


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