Friday, August 31, 2007

Trash YOUR Dress???

We all love fads. Toss your beautiful bouquet, let a guy crawl under your dress, grab a garter and throw it at his boys, have cake smashed into your $250 makeup job etc. So why not Trash your dress??
For those of you who haven't heard, the latest greatest fad in weddings is to take the dress you spent four months looking for and several thousand dollars in wages on the day after your wedding and roll around in the water and mud.


Photographers have found a new line of business and for that I am not mad, I am all for new revenue streams, but I LOVE my wedding gown and to intentionally destroy it, to me, is like kicking the dog.

But c'est la vie.

Anyone living in Arizona check this out:

We have so much fun doing them that Darby Elizabeth Photography has teamed up with My Wedding Film to give away a FREE Trash The Dress session. Basically we are going to pick one lucky bride who will get a Trash The Dress mini-Film and Photo Session.

How do you enter? We want to hear some great ideas on how you would Trash The Dress. Send me an email at darby@darbyelizabethphotography.com with the subject line of "I want to Trash My Dress." The person with the coolest TTD idea wins.

For those of you that are local head over to the gals at Borrowed Blue they LOVE these sessions.


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