Sunday, September 09, 2007

Amphora Bakery

On my big list of things to worry about with the wedding, the cake is honestly the thing I care about the least. This may be because I want a very simple cake with clean lines and I figured almost anyone can do it. The reception location I chose does not allow outside vendors for cakes and will be providing one so I pretty much didn't think of it any further.

When I was casually browsing cake vendors in the D.C. area, though, I didn't see a lot that I was impressed with. I'd see one or two cakes I liked in a baker's portfolio but a lot of the others were uninspiring and too traditional. I still haven't seen anyone in the area consistently doing modern designs like April Reed or Lovin Sullivan. I wasn't impressed with even some of the more famous name bakers in the area.

Of all the bakers I've seen so far, though, I'm most impressed with Amphora Bakery with locations in Herndon and Vienna. Many of the styles in their portfolio are more elaborate then I would chose for myself, but if they can do fancy cakes so well I know they would have no problem doing something more plain. Their simpler cakes start at $4.25 a slice and the more elaborate ones requiring complicated painting, decorating, sugar flowers, etc. are $5.25 and up. Though not cheap I think that's a pretty good price for the quality of work and for this area. Other places start out at $6.00 and can go can go up to $10 or even $12 a slice for the fancy stuff !

All photos below from Amphora Bakery

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