Monday, September 17, 2007

The CD Invitation on Steroids

Great idea and a fabulous presentation. If you want your guests to ooh and aah when they receive your invitation here is a sure fire cure. Jewelboxing is a great site that assists you in putting together a fantastic CD of the music of your choosing getting it on a high quality CD and using fantastic state of the art graphics (supplied by you) You guests will play the great music the weeks PRIOR to your wedding and for months after. That's kind of neat.

Warning: Don't send this type of invite to those people you are hoping/expecting to decline. this will make them a Yes and mess up your seating.
Know that once other bride's in your circle see this, they are going to copy your idea. Make your's better.
Make SURE you have a kick a$$ band at your reception to match up to the music on the CD.
(Better yet, have your band or DJ compile the selections for you!!!)


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