Saturday, September 15, 2007

Diamonds in the Rough

I recently came across some talk about conflict free diamonds, especially in the wake of the movie Blood Diamond. Even before the movie premiered, this was something my fiance and I knew we wanted to look into. We started off with so many questions regarding the quality, where they came from and price differences.

As other people have pointed out, Brilliant Earth has a nice selection of diamonds in all shapes and sizes. If you're uncomfortable buying from a Website and you're still on the market for something beautiful and conflict free, Mr. Shirlington purchased mine from Solomon Brothers in Atlanta, where there are numerous diamonds available, some of which are guaranteed to be c.f.

Locally, Washington Diamond in Falls Church exclusively carries conflict free diamonds in a number of intricate settings. Their site also provides tons of information about what a "blood diamond" is and how the diamond industry can both positively and negatively effect Africa.

In our case, fiance couldn't find the setting he was looking for at Solomon, so he purchased the loose diamond and had them ship it to the Michael B. showroom in Los Angeles where they were able to set the diamond with only four prongs. This goes to show that a c.f. diamond doesn't limit your possibilities at all. My oval, 1.7 carat solitaire is flawless and colorless to the eye, and is worn proudly as a statement of my intention to marry my fiance and our support of a conflict free initiative.


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