Friday, September 14, 2007

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

From classic roses to ethereal grasses and freshly fallen leaves, floral decor is a must for every type of wedding. But the great thing about flowers is that you're sure to find something beautiful on any budget! Do you want your aisle lined with orchids and are willing to pay the price? Great! But I still recommend you do your research. Look into a variety of the florists in your area. Browse photographs of their more popular arrangements and meet and greet people before you agree to let them make your bouquet. If you're going to be paying the big bucks, you might as well get exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to shop around until you find a florist you love.

Working with a smaller budget? Don't fret, there are tons of fantastic money-saving opportunities where flowers are concerned. The general consensus among bridal magazines and websites seems to be that buying in season is the easiest way to cut your flower budget. If you're a Springtime bride, consider Daffodils or Tulips. Lighten up a summer affair with happy Daisies, or a few Sunflower stems in a simple, but elegant vase. For a fall wedding, focus on Gerbers. Float a few in a glass bowel surrounded by votive candles for a romantic feel that's easy on the wallet. If you're getting married in December, cash in on the availability of Poinsettias! Stop by your local nursery or grocery store the day before the wedding and grab a few of these red blooms to create a holiday-inspired fĂȘte.

Pictures from: elegala.com

If you're like me and are lacking in flora knowledge, I suggest simply visiting a nursery or grocery store the day before or morning of your wedding and choosing blooms on the spot. There are no hard and fast rules that say you have to have certain flowers, or even that all your centerpieces need to match. Choose a variety of blooms that you think are beautiful. Your guests will love all the different colors and scents.

Or, if you prefer to plan ahead, but don't know where to start, ask a local florist for a list of flowers by season. Find out what flowers grow naturally in your region and make your selection from that scaled down list. Also check out the Floral Generator by Bliss Weddings. You can browse flowers by season, region, or even bridesmaid dress colors!

In the end, your guests aren't going to care if you had orchids or orange blossoms. Pick flowers that make you happy and match the budget you've created. Whether you carry Roses or Ranunculus, you're sure to shine. This is your wedding day, and nothing rivals the natural beauty of a happy bride!


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