Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Letterpress. The Only way to go.

I hate to say that. I know letterpress is more expensive than thermography and it's only an invitation and your guests are going to..... throw it out ( I don't believe this. Everyone in my mind is like me and has every invitation they have ever received) but the difference it makes is legendary. I am a paper person. I love paper and when i see letterpress, i just drool. The only thing better than this is the new engraving processes available using color. (This is the Bentley of invitation processes, not for the faint of heart. More on that in another post when I stop swooning.).
Take a look at just the tip of the iceberg
Two Paperdolls, Que Stien, Braun & Brown, Abby Jean Press, Orange Beautiful, Wiley-Valentine, Mr. Boddington,



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