Thursday, September 13, 2007

PSA: Don't Let Tan Lines Happen to You

Today I was going through a friend's wedding slideshow and I couldn't help but notice how a few of the bridesmaids in their cute strapless bridesmaid dresses that the bride had so carefully chosen had not-so-cute tan lines. It was pretty distracting and took away from the overall "look" of the bridal party. I've even seen a few brides sporting this look and it just doesn't make sense to me why one would spend thousands of dollars for a dress, make-up, the perfect jewelry, the veil, and a pretty updo and not take care of the tan lines.

Of course the top solution is not to tan...it causes cancer and makes you look old and wrinkly before your time. I know this isn't a realistic option for the girls who feel they need color but if you have to go that route then find a really good self tanner. If you are devoted to the sun then don't wear a suit with straps for at least a year...it really can take that long for tan lines to fade. Even if you aren't a tanner you should watch your outdoor exposure before your wedding...the last thing you want is a racerback tan line from your jog bra, a redneck, trucker arm, a ring around the collar, or a permanent v-neck. Finally, if the day is upon you and you still haven't gotten rid of them then see if your make-up artist can at least fade them some.

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