Friday, October 26, 2007

And counting!!!

I don't know if anyone else is doing this but I'm definitely starting to countdown to the Big Day.


About a half an hour ago I realized that by this exact time in just six months I will be in my dress and at the altar taking my vows. By this time in six months I will be a married lady!!!

I was just looking at pictures of my dress online (at David's Bridal) and I'm just getting so excited about it all. I was never a girl who dreamed and schemed about what my wedding day would be like but the faster it approaches, the more I really do dream about how cool it's going to be. Also, meeting other brides-to-be or seeing pictures of their very recent weddings makes me even more excited. I guess it's kind of like "the more, the merrier"? I don't know. David's Bridal has a new feature on the site where you can submit reviews and even pictures of the dresses that you try-on/choose. It's really cool to see the how the same dresses can look so incredibly different depending upon who is wearing them. David's Bridal's new feature definitely made some of the dresses that I tried on but didn't choose look really stunning on certain people. Check it out if you're just starting your dress search even if you aren't interested in buying from David's Bridal since it helps to see how the dress silhouette works with different body types.


Guess that's it. I'm just really getting excited about the Big Day. I've been more into the whole music than the dress and stuff but perhaps tonight when husband2Be goes out for his evening activities I'll try on my dress and dance around a little in the living room. I mean... I have to get used to wearing it don't I???


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