Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time to Go to BootCamp--

This was the original Reason I posted, but I thought I would share the un-conventional method first (the Wii) which is the method my Fiance prefers. Once you get thru the initial cost of purchase ( I admit it's not cheap) it is free, and you can use it whenever you want.

However, I need something strong to jump kick me. I went in for my routine yearly physical the other day and my doctor recommended boot camp. Since I am already healthy and in semi-good shape, she thinks this would be perfect to help get rid of those extra few pounds and shape up.

There are two boot-camps I have been researching. The first one
Active Duty is a woman's only boot camp, they have locations all over Northern Virginia.

It offers Classes 4 days a week, with a monthly rate. If you would like to do a one week trial ( to make sure its right for you) it will cost $49. The next trial is starting next Monday ( the 29th)

Fitness Image Results is another boot camp that appealed to me

They are located in Virginia, Maryland and the DC area. The next session starts October 29th.

The only drawback of these sessions is that they do run from 6-7am. However, this is a great way to jump start your day, get a great work out in, and to motivate yourself!


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